Our Mission is to inspire sustainable innovation in national education using grassroots approaches to improve accountability and learner outcomes.

Our Vision is a World where every child has the right to Quality Education.

Founder & Chairperson​​

Mr Sanjay kumar

I myself  Sanjay Kumar working as a Software Engineer at one of  the Company has extensive experience in Software Industry as well as Teaching.

Values and Beliefs

Innovation : Forward thinking, planing, and execution to expand our horizons.

Passion : Enthusiasm,desire, and commitment to succeed.

Integrity : Honesty and harmony in what we say,do, and think.

Teamwork : We all succeed together.

Quality : Service and products we are proud to stand behind.

Respect : Treat other better than you expect to be treated.

Our Team

Snehal : Software Engineer

Anirudha : Mechanical Engineer

Krishna nand prasad : Teacher

Renu Devi : Teacher

Rucha : HR

Pankaj : Doctor

Kaveri Patil: Teacher

Namrata Chavan:Software Engineer

Increasing access : To quality education and create opportunities for sustainable livelihood.

Enabling Girl children : To pursue uninterrupted education and a healthy childhood.

Child friendly cities: Promotion of safe and friendly environment of all children.

Care  for our Home, Earth.